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In Rambles on November 30, 2006 by alanswan

Howya, well if you tuned in yesterday you will know that we had tech problems so no texts/phone/net. Hence, no shownotes. How did people put together radio shows years ago without the Internet :-)

Anyway things were back to normal today and we made up for yesterday’s snooze fest with a busy little show. First up was legendary broadcaster Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh who joined us on the phone to chat about his new book “From Borroloola to Mangerton Mountain – Travels and stories from Ireland’s most beloved broadcaster”. A fountain of knowledge and just a lovely chat to get the show underway. Delighted to have Micheál on Take a Break.  Pasted here is some info about the book and a link to where you can buy it “Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh’s memoir From Dún Síon to Croke Park was a number 1 bestseller and has sold over 70,000 copies to date. What was evident throughout his memoir was that Micheál’s interests and passions are far reaching and go far beyond the fields of Gaelic games. In his new book, the follow-up to his memoir, Micheál brings us along on his travels around the world, and to the villages, townlands and sporting fields of the four provinces of Ireland. Above all, he tells the stories of these places and the fascinating people he encountered along the way – stories told as only Micheál can tell them.”

Elsewhere on the show I chatted about discovering the big/giant purple quality street sweet that you can buy in the shops. So we asked you to send in suggestions for certain sweets that you would like to buy giant versions of. A massive response and one irate woman who rang up to complain that I shouldn’t be advising people to eat lots of sweets as she got a tooth out this morning!! Ooopppps, touchy. Here’s a small selection box (geddit???..sorry) of the texts you sent in this morning

30/11/2006″,”12:37:53″,”Alan I would love a giant marshmallow covered in chocolate Mmmm heaven.  teresa”

30/11/2006″,”12:18:55″,”Sorry 2 say it Alan, but them giant purple sweets have been out 4 a long time! I wud love a huge Ferrero Roche. Joanne in kilkenny”

30/11/2006″,”12:15:33″,”A giant blue peanut m&m!n it wud hav 2 b blue!! Colin

30/11/2006″,”12:19:24″,”I love d big purple sweet too, but just thought id tell u that it woz out last year! if i cud ave a big sweet it wud be a giant chocolate orange bite emma in tipperary.

and here’s a good question while were on the topic of sweets:

30/11/2006″,”12:31:20″,”Why have coffee centered chocs disappeared from boxes of chocs?”

Finally Jim and his Sudoku where back after a weeks break to answer your gardening questions and yes this text resurfaced once again “30/11/2006″,”12:31:50″,”How can i stop cat from doing his business in my garden he dose nt even cover it, as i thought all cats did  from miriam  ps he s not my cat” Every week it comes in……

Thats all for today, Take a Breakers Choice tomorrow, the final day of the Whitewater shopping quiz, Republic of Loose in studio and all the usaul chat. AS

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