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In Rambles on November 28, 2006 by alanswan

Well hello, back after a weeks break and a big thanks to Martin and Glenn for looking after the show! Yesterday started off badly as I slept in. You should have seen the head on me when I looked at my watch which read 10:05. I couldn’t believe it, its years since I’ve slept in and I’m convinced my alarm on my Nokia didnt go off! Convinced I tell ya! Anyway made it in in plenty of time and got the show on the road. Not the best possible start to the week but in fairness it could have been worse…. I could have been presenting breakfast!

So no shownotes yesterday as I was 3 hours behind everything. But I do have todays: We discussed in no particluar order, Our farewell to Fluff – Alan Freeman dies aged 79, we play Harry Chapin’s WOLD in tribute to the DJ’s DJ. We talked about a new book that reveals that Women talk three times as much as men and we also we chatted about Robert Anwood’s book “Bears Can’t Run Downhill”. Published by Ebury Press “The book is an amusing and informative investigation of 201 ‘pub facts’ – the ideal read for anyone who’s ever claimed that Claude Monet won the lottery or that all polar bears are left-handed”. The teaser answer was “If you take the first letter and move it to the rear of the word, you get the same word when read backwards”

On tomorrow’s show we’ll be talking about the purple sweets from the Quality Street box: they have released a giant version of that one sweet due to its popularity. Our question to you will be that if you could get a giant version of anything what would it be? Also we’ll chat about designated drivers getting free soft drinks and the usual bits and bobs, plus your chance to win more stuff from the Whitewater Shopping Centre in Newbridge.

Oh by the way went to see Casino Royale on Tuesday, without doubt the best Bond film yet! Good to see Daniel Craig shutting up those mad people who said you couldn’t have a blond bond, some people eh? Also I still can’t understand why some people are bitching about the theme song. I really like ‘You Know My Name’ as sung by Chris Cornell. In fact I think I’ll put in on the headphones now.

Until tomorrow my friends – AS

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