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Hi all, will be posting todays shownotes in the morning but for now a quick plug that John McGuire from the tv show  “I’m An Adult Get Me Out Of Here” will be joining me for a chat live tomorrow. He’s looking for participants for the 2nd run of the show. I’ve pasted some info below. Take a Break live tomorrow from 11am GMT AS

We all know that getting onto the property ladder is tough – and getting tougher. And as property prices and interest rates continue to rise, more and more adult children are continuing to live with their parents. A staggering one in six 30-34 year olds are still living with their Ma and Da and in the 25-34 year old group, almost 150,000 are still living at home.

I’m An Adult Get Me Out Of Here is back for a second series and we’re looking for people to take part.

We’re interested in hearing from people over 25, currently living at home with their parents, who are desperate to fly the nest.

– Maybe you’ve never lived away from home and need some gentle prodding to make the BIG move.

– Or you moved home after college and now need to find your own space again.

– Are you living at home to save for a house but can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

– Or maybe you have the best of intentions to find your own place but the comfort of Mammy’s cooking keeps you home!
Whatever the situation presenter John McGuire will be on hand to help find new homes for each participant, either to buy or to rent.
John will hold their hands through the entire process, offering a not so gentle shove towards the door as participants take those first scary steps – from the cosy security of their parent’s house to the independence of owning or renting their first home.

In the first series seven out of eight participants ended up purchasing their own home and finally moving out.

If you are interested in finding out more about participating in the programme please call 1890 924 214 or email

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