Misheard Lyrics P.2

In Show Notes on November 2, 2006 by alanswan

On the show today we talked about red wine counteracting the effects of eating lots, TD’s salaries and  broadband usage. The legend that is Jim Gibbons in studio and we also went off on one again about misheard lyrics –  lots of you texted in various samples of lyrics that you thought were right….but found out later through a friend that you were really wrong :-) I’ve posted some of the best below…

“02/11/2006″,”12:11:31″,”Alan, how about paul young and every time you go you take a piece  of meat with you. ”

“02/11/2006″,”11:40:06″,”Grill full of rashers instead of brimful of asha? or is that what it’s called? from a LOST fan in carlow ”

“02/11/2006″,”11:53:11″,”When i kneed you by Leo Sayer.”

“02/11/2006″,”11:39:58”,”Sour grapes this parties over im going home.. Or ur so vain lyric “wife of a postman” instead of wife of a close friend john in callan ”

“02/11/2006″,”11:42:44″,”I wish i was a prawn cracker with flour in my hair by sandi”

“02/11/2006″,”12:25:37″,”Christy moore’s lisdoonvarna i used to think it was oh listen to ur father listen listen listen to ur father – from ann marie ”

“02/11/2006″,”12:37:49″,”My friend used 2 think k c lang was singing cant stand gravy (it should be constant craving)…… He he he”

“02/11/2006″,”12:24:56″,”Hi Alan, my friend Nora used 2 tink michael  jacksons ‘smooth criminal’ was smooth caramel!”

Music wise on the show we played the following … Artist/Song: Deacon Blue-Bigger Than Dynamite, The Cake Sale-Some Surprise (video above) Fairground Attraction-Perfect, The Police-Every Little Thing Is Magic, All Saints-Never Ever, Paula Abdul-Straight Up (me remembering an 80’s crush), Elton John-Are You Ready for Love, Chris Rea-Let’s Dance, Scissor Sisters-I Don’t Feel Like Dancing, Wings-Jet, CLASSIC No1 @ QUARTER TO ONE with Dawn-Tie A Yellow Ribbon, The Corrs-I Never Really Loved You Anyway.

Thats all for today, back on air tomorrow 11GMT, Tommy Fleming in studio, Take a Breakers choice and all the usual craic. AS email us

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