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In Show Notes on October 27, 2006 by alanswan

Just looking at Google Zeitgeist: Search patterns, trends, and surprises, this is where you can check out what everyone is searching for through the Google search engine. In Ireland it was the following during the month of August. At no 3. Aer Lingus, No. 2 Big Brother and No. 1 Ryanair. Other popular searches included Love island, myspace, Wikipedia, Car Zone, Dublin airport, Bus Eireann, Budget Travel, Paddy Power and Electric Picnic. Full list is here. All fairly sensible sites, well bar Love Island and Big Brother… anyway…. the gas thing is it lists various other countries and judging by the list from Google Greece it looks like its only Men who use the net there! : All searches for football clubs and women (except for Johnny Depp who made the top 15) !!! the list included Shakira, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and clubs Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, I could go on…. I was surprised though not to see You Tube or Bebo on the Irish search top 15……

Right, enough rambles about Google, here’s todays shownotes. Today we discussed the ‘Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2006’ published by the Central Statistics Office. If you are into Irish facts etc you will love this.  Otherwise it was very much a music fest as Friday always is. Take a Breakers choice were you picked the music and for the bank holiday weekend a Swing Music Weekend for a change mixed in with some nice easy listening classics. As the Fast Show would say… “Nice”..

Music today included: Pet Shop Boys-It’s a Sin, Take That-Patience, Blondie-Maria, Dean Martin-Thats Amore, Perry Como-Papa Loves Mambo, Luan Parle-Corporate Culture, Andy Williams-Music To Watch The Girls Go By, Elvis Presley-Fever, Elton JOhn-Nikita, Frank Sinatra-Theme From NY NY, Ken Dodd-Happiness, Phil Lynott-Kings Call, Sheryl Crow-All I Wanna Do, Prefab Sprout-The King Of Rock and Roll, Rubyhorse-Sparkle, Michael Bouble-Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Anyway, have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, We’ll be here Monday with an extended show from 11am-2pm. Yes, we’re working Monday, bitter???? Never :-) AS

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