In Rambles on October 16, 2006 by alanswan

Hope you had a great weekend. On the show today we did another edition of ‘Get On Your Goat Monday'(our last GOYGM was months ago) were we let listeners rant about subjects that drive them personally mad over the weekend. Like a boiling pot only waiting to spill over into Monday! Some examples of what was texted in to day are below

16/10/2006″,”11:23:32″,”Do you know what pisses me off if you go to a B and B or a hotel when you turn on the tv Theres only maybe 5 channels out of 20 tuned in it gets on my wick”

“16/10/2006″,”11:54:38″,”Tell ya what cheeses me off Alan, a driver hogging the white line on a main road doing 35 mph”

“16/10/2006″,”11:52:31″,”Alan people picking there nose while stoped at traffic lights gets up my goat. Andy”

Other examples included: walking around supermarkets with Bluetooth headsets, driving up the backside of cars and why some people in shops don’t just hand you your change!

Elsewhere on the show we mentioned World Food Summit, New Irish Passports and the top female act of this decade. The answer to the teaser was ‘Habit’. Music on the show today included ARTIST/SONG: Paul Simon-You Can Call Me Al, Razorlight-America, Bono-I Want To Be Around, Steelers Wheel, Sting-By Your Side, Elvis Costello-Olivers Army, Van Morrison-Brown Eyed Girl, Annie Lennox-Walking On Broken Glass, Huey Lewis-Power of Love, Tom Jones-Kiss, Scissor Sisters-I Don’t Feel Like Dancing, Take That-Patience, Sugababes-Hole In The Head, David Bowie-Absolute Beginners, Tara Blaise-Paperback Cliche, The Rolling Stones-Miss You, Natalie Imbruglia-Torn, The Feeling-Never Be Lonely, CLASSIC No1 @ QUARTER TO ONE: The Police from 1979 with Walking On The Moon.

Thats its for todays shownotes. More tomorrow, Alan

PS. Went to see ‘The Departed’ yesterday, class film. Trailer can be found here.

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