Thursday Show

In Show Notes on June 22, 2006 by alanswan

Hi campers, First todays playlist: Artist/Song: Prefab Sprout-King of Rock and Roll, Tavares-More Than a Woman, Paddy Casey-Livin, Steve Winwood-While You See a Chance, Dixie Chicks-Theres Your Trouble, Beautiful South-This Will Be Our Year, u2-Sweetest Thing, REM-Shiny Happy People, Erasure-Sometimes, Robbie Williams-Sin Sin Sin, 4 of US-Sunlight, CLASSIC NO1. Helen Shapiro-Walking Back To Happiness.

Elswhere on the show we talked about suffering from Earworm.

Try this out – Email from Shefflin


Subject:  Bit of Trivia

Hi Alan,

Have you ever tried to outsmart your foot?

While sitting at your desk lift your right foot off the floor and make
clockwise circles, now while doing this draw the number 6 in the air with
your right hand.

Notice your foot will change direction!

Enjoy your show

Regards Shefflin.


* Elsewhere if you have time to spare have a look at this. A guy called Howard Schatz decided to invite actors to his studio, give them a certain situation to act out by facial reaction only and then take a picture of it. The result is so clever. Creative class.

* Finally caught the season finale of West Wing Season 2 last night, without doubt one of the finest pieces of TV ever. So glad I've started watching the show.

More later. Alan

PS. Will post some My Space music links later
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