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And where has the week gone?? I took a day off Monday and since then the rest of the week has flown! Not a chance to blog, so apologies. Anyways, last night I made my fashion model debut ;-) at a charity fashion show in the Watergate, Kilkenny. All for charity, we had a great night and I've got a new found respect for models, that walking and twirling aint easy!

What a great book

Shownotes from todays show – We spoke about the word 'Spondulics', heard the word been used last night for the first time in ages, it just so happened that I read about that same word in a book I bought over the weekend (above) called 'Red Herrings and White Elephants' written by Albert Jack. The book is packed full of information, full of all the origins of the phrases we use every day. If you fancy a read that by the end will have you full of trivia to impress your mates with, you will be pleased. Picked up in alocal bookstore, priced around 15 Euro. Elswhere on the show we started our new dedication feature, where from now we will dedicate each daily show to a different profession. Kicking it off in honour to my dad who is a very talented and trojan working Mechanic, we had a massive response from garages and mechanics from all over the place!

Thanks for the texts! Tommorow its the turn of receptionists that work all over the south east.

I've once again misplaced my lists of songs that I played today but it did include Jim Diamond, Will Youngs new song and the Isley Brothers. My memory is not the greatest….. Will make note to be more careful with my playlist…….

All in all, a busy show full of stuff from sent in by you, keep it coming as always, my show address is

Talk soon, Alan

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