Shownotes and Something For The Weekend

In Show Notes on March 31, 2006 by alanswan

Was watching Six Feet Under last night and in one of the scenes one of the focus points was a Hanky (Handkerchief). It got me thinking, nobody seems to use them anymore! So we asked listeners whether people should starting using as one person described "Snot Rags". I surprised with the huge response we got, Mary phoned to say "When I was a child if people were buying clothes, they'd usually ask how does it wash and the good answer was 'it'll wash like a hanky'. Ask your mother has she ever discovered if a paper hanky went in to the wash with dark clothes, they would be destroyed. There are a lot of pluses for still using them. They are more hygienic if you steep them in detol or bleach. They're not thrown around a street or on buses. I have one belonging to my grandmother and it's embroidered with her initials. They were a fashion accessory up until the 1970s. They might make a come back! You need 100% cotton. I used to get ladies hankies in Arnotts up until a few years ago. They are still available in Shaws in Waterford. Most are polyester and they're not as good at all" So if why not give a home to a hanky!

The other question we answered on the show today concerned the Census which happens on the 23rd, we wondered how would the census would work if you were staying in a hotel for the night, luckily Kay Brown a numerator has the answer "If you're staying in a hotel – the hotel manager will numerate anyone who stays in his premise on that night. He gets a slightly different form to everyone else. He can take up to 60 persons on each form"

Last Friday a post called Something For The Weekend got a lot of hits so I've decided to write another one today. So if you have a few mins to spare over the weekend here's some bands and movies that you might like to check out.

Music wise have a listen to Scott Maher, If I remember correctly he used to be in a really great Beatles tribute band, his solo stuff sounds great too and his full web site can be found here. Female vocal wise you will strain to find a soul singer as good as Laura Isibor, from Dublin she writes great songs and has just signed a massive deal with Zomba. No longer up and coming talent she's established singer in her own right now. If its a full band your after then you've got to check out Captain, I just love their song 'Broke', it is a perfect mix of male/female vocal with a great hook, this song really deserves to do well, hopefully it will.

Movie wise I'm going to recommend a DVD classic. Midnight Run is the ultimate buddy movie, Robert De Niro has never been funnier as a sensitive bounty hunter trying to track down former 'Mob' accountant Jonathan Mardukas, as played by Charles Grodin. Its a really funny film and according to the fab the F word is used 137 times. For that record alone its worth a watch! Thats all for now, I hope you discover some nice nuggets.

Have a great weekend and I'll post soon,


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