Texts, Being Young and Podcasting

In Rambles on March 30, 2006 by alanswan

Well hello, todays show started off with this text: "30/03/2006","11:18:31","Alan do u know what annoys me…kids watching Dvds in the back of cars.they should be looking out the window at the birds and wonder the world is gone mad when kids dont appreciate the environment around them.i have a 20 month old and he looks out the window and says as gaeilge crann agus einin etc. the parents are to blame for a lot of the behavior of kids these days.turn off the tv and send the kids outside.its so much better for them!"

So we took a trip down memory lane and remembered our own childhoods, It's true though, when I was growing up, the internet didn't realy exist, you had a couple of radio stations and a massive mast on the top of your house to pick up a few channels. You read books, made up stories and spent hours out in the fresh air. The point the listener made is a very valid one, how can a child develop its imagination if their heads are filled with other peoples ideas?? Elaine from Ck on Suir wrapped up the debate by making a great point about how simple things as kids used to make us happy!  "30/03/2006", "11:54:28","Remember you might not, but i do,we would make mud cakes,we would b covered mud.Squeezin the muck between our fingers.god b wit d days."

Talking of the Internet, its funny, years ago if you worked in radio nobody would have a notion what you looked like. You would listen in to a show and have an image of the DJ in your mind. Nowadays stations have websites, Presenters have blogs and anyone can go online and have a gawk. I had a great laugh at this text that came into the show today but I don't know if its a compliment of not ;-) "30/03/2006","11:32:49","Alan u look younger than u sound, saw u on the website, was surprised, thought u were an ould lad, hey will ya play paul simon for us. Tanx. Ann

Elsewhere on the show here's the music we had on the show. Artist/Song: Alison Moyet-Weak In The Presence of Beauty, Cara Dillion-Never In A Million Years, Queen and David Bowie-Under Pressure, Jose Gonzalez-Heartbeats, Lighthouse Family-Lifted, Thin Lizzy-Dancing in the Moonlight, Bee Gees-Secret Love, The Bangles-Eternal Flame, Gilbert O' Sullivan-Get Down, Bell X1-Flame, Classic Number One / Leo Sayer-When I Need You.

Got a lot of hits to the Something for a Weekend post last Friday so I'll post another one tommorow, couple of music reviews and a few other bits and bobs. Talk soon, Alan

PS My first podcast 'Click4Sound' kicks off next Friday 14th of April, Full RSS feeds and links will be posted soon. The podcasts will be posted on this blog and later on this year on

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