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In Show Notes on March 28, 2006 by alanswan

On the show today, we talked about favourite names (according to a survey the most popular boys name is Alan, Girls is Laila). Music today included Adrina Thorpe’s 'Round the Bend' from the album 'Elusive', Brian Kennedy's Eurovision entry 'Every Song is a Cry for Love' and our classic number one was the Buggles 'Video Killed the Radio Star' Our book club Tuesday read of the week is 'The Ten Skills of Highly Successful People' By Samuel A. Malone. Sam joined me on the show today to chat about his book.

Book Club Tuesday

(pic of book above) According to publishers The Liffey Press "Ten Skills of Highly Successful People" provides practical guidance on how to live a successful and fulfilling life. Success does not mean fabulous riches or fame, but rather achieving the financial means that allows you to live in a purposeful and contented way. The book is organised around the acronym OPTIMISTIC, which will help you to memorise and recall the skills you need to grow and develop in order to realise your dreams" A separate chapter is devoted to each of the ten skills with real-life examples, inspirational quotes and stories, evidence from the best research available and practical advice to facilitate the journey to a happy and successful life. In addition, each chapter has mind maps to help remember the material as well as a five-step plan for putting the skills into practice. Its priced €11.95; ISBN 1-904148-95-6 and is a bargain with the amount of really great advice you get.

Also on the show we talked about how to save money through a site called Tax Ireland. Tax can be confusing (actually VERY confusing) and this site is a fantastic resource.

Our A-Z score was 11 scored by Elaine in Danesfort. Answer to the teaser was '28'

*** Non Shownotes*** Went to see 'Inside Man' last night. I can say, hand on heart, one of the best films I've seen in a while, clever twists, believable characters and a great soundtrack courtesy of Terence Blanchard. I can’t recommend enough the opening track 'Chaiya Chaiya' which I believe is taken from some Bollywood film. If you go and see the movie and the beat at the start doesn’t grab you then something is wrong with you ;-) Also Spike Lee has a host of Podcasts available about Inside Man on the movies site.

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