Long Johns and Lots of Links

In Rambles on March 21, 2006 by alanswan

Hey, the first ten minutes of todays radio show consisted of why nobody wears Long Johns anymore. After much debate it was agreed that many of you DO wear the thermals! Still not convinced though! I honestly believe, thats why so many of us have shaggin colds at the moment. Elsewhere on the show to celebrate World Poetry Day we talked about the how Ireland is home to so many great poets and to celebrate we recited the words of the shortest ever poem.

Today was web day, while browsing for content for the show I came across the new Da Vinci Code trailer which can be found here. I was reading that there has been a huge downturn in people attending cinema screenings. Now whether this is to do with DVD’s, the net etc attendances should shoot back up this summer with the amount of films coming out. Personally I can’t wait to see the new Superman Returns movie (big Bryan Singer fan) Da Vinci Code should pack ’em in and in a moment of pure weakness Mission Impossible 3, for pure popcorn enjoyment and to see how Lost Director J.J. Abrams shoots it. Being such a movie fan I am still suffering from withdrawl symptoms due to the ending of the Peter Jackson Kong video diary. To make matters worse Bryan Singer for some reason stopped his video journals mid way through production for Superman Returns.

Anyways, enough of my whinging. I Want to share with you a blog that I’ve enjoyed reading for the past few months. This blog has become so well read that the blogger has signed a book deal. Belle in the Big Apple is the diary of a NY writer trying to make her way up the career ladder in New York. Over the past month or so a new man has made his way into Belle’s life and guess what…. he’s a cook…. with a blog, its really fantastic writing and I’m looking forward to reading the book. I just hope its not a cut and paste from the blog.

Finally if you think you blog alot, then check out You don’t blog half enough…..

Ok…. getting sleepy,

Tommorow, music from My Space that are floating my boat and advances on my first podcast. Talk soon, Alan

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