Sundays always come too soon

In Show Notes on March 19, 2006 by alanswan

Hi all, just had one of the best weekends in a long time. The rugby (Ireland beating England for the triple crown), Patricks day (all day fun) and to finish off the weekend, a cracking episode of day 5 ‘24‘ (was told yesterday that you can now get a Jack Bauer cocktail – some type of strawberry vodka mixed with orange liqueur ??). So all in all a very happy bunny just about to head off to the land of nod.

Elsewhere had a good owl gawk at My Space over the last few days. I know I’ve said in earlier postings how great it is but I keep coming across some fantastic new music, looking forward to playing some of the tracks on the show. If you fancy adding to my page – feel free, would love to have you on board. Plus I’ve finally put together my first podcast (all new stuff not found on the show mixed in with Podsafe music) I’ll be putting it online in the next week or two as soon as my hosting is sorted out. The address BTW for the My Space page I have is

If you are able to tune into my show this week, we have an old fav of a quiz coming back called the ‘A-Z’, Brokeback Mountain soundtrack is our teaser album of the week and talk about the upcoming Eurovision tommorow on the show.

Book of the week! 








As promised here is details of last weeks Book Club Tuesday book of the week. Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite  by Paul Arden is a clever read. I love books that deal with helping you explore your creative side while keeping an eye on your career and this book does so in a totally different way, by telling you to do the exact opposite. According to publishers Penguin “There have been many books written on good business practice. All eminently sensible. All based on logic, common sense and good manners.Essential if you want to be a supermarket manager. But for those wishing to break new ground it is not enough. Logic and common sense have a habit of leading us to the same conclusions. If you are going to make your mark on the world you have to start thinking differently. To think differently you have to think illogically. Whatever You Think Think The Opposite looks at life the wrong way in a bid to explain the benefits of making wrong decisions“. If you get a chance, pick up a copy, it will get you thinking in a completely different way and costs only around 12 euro!

Website of the day returns tommorow, as does our music artist of the day.

Talk soon, Alan

PS. If you are over 25 this link will make you very happy, if you are younger then 25 boy did you miss out! I can’t believe this has its own wiki page.

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