1 episode of West Wing Left…

In Rambles on March 15, 2006 by alanswan

Hello, I’m distraught at the thought that I only have one episode to go of West Wing DVD, luckily I’m only on series 1 ;-) Only 7 more to go!

Really enjoying using My Space, have come across some old friends (which is always great) and I’ve also unearthed some fantastic new music. For that alone its been worth signing up. Will next week put some links up to the new acts that I’ve found, there is so much talent out there and its seems that those who are savvy in marketing are putting their stuff on My Space.

Elsewhere on todays show, we spoke about in no order – Red Wine being good for your teeth, About Irish employees working overtime and how Madonna’s new song ‘Sorry’ should have Irish at the start, Duncan Stewart talking about his TV show and our teaser answer was 2nd!

Music from the show today – Artist/Song – Rod Stewart-Maggie May, Madonna-Sorry, Maroon 5-Must Get Out, Don Baker-Winner in You, REM-Shiny Happy People, Lighthouse Family-Happy, Eagle Eye Cherry-Save Tonight, Phil Lynott-Kathleen, Deacon Blue-Real Gone Kid, T-Rex-Children of the Revolution, Van Morrison-Days Like This, Michael Buble-Home, CLASSIC NUMBER ONE-Elvis-Wonder of You, Sinead OConnor-Marcus Garvey, Leann Rimes-Cant Fight The Moonlight.

Have some nice shots to post tommorow plus Book Club Tuesday details from this week.

Cya Alan

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