The weekend begins

In Rambles on March 10, 2006 by alanswan

Hi all, sorry about no playlist update yesterday but I lost my list of what songs I played. But I do have todays which I will post below. Also there was no post yesterday as I’m still in shock about Liverpool losing to Benfica…… yes Benfca, it did happen.

I’ve decided that from today I’m going to do a website of the day and music artist of the day link from this blog. Hopefully it will point you in the direction of new sites that might be of interest to you.

Site of the Day!






Todays site of the day (pic above) is “Aint it Cool News“. If you are a movie buff then this is the site for you. Full of reviews and previews of new Movies, there is hours of reading here. My music artist of the day is Adrina Thorpe. She’s a fantastic talent, very easy to listen too, perfect for chilling out to over the weekend.

Elsewhere went to see Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash bio movie last night. Really enjoyed it, have to say, thought Joaquin Phoenix played the role of Johnny Cash perfectly and if the rumour that they sang the songs themselves is true then fair play, they sounded great. I just love the opening scene of the prison and that distinctive Johnny Cash sound. Can’t wait to see it again on DVD.

Had a really great show today – talked about bathroom disasters (will post some of your great stories on the blog Monday), how kids can survive without Mobiles, Otherwise we sorted out our teaser problem – Name 3 words that start with the letters dw – dwindle, dwarf and dwell.

Music from todays show Artist/Song: Huey Lewis/Hip to be Square, Brian Kennedy-Every Song Is a Cry for Love, Christopher Cross-Ride Like The Wind, Travis-Turn, Westlife-Mandy, KT Tunstall-Under The Weather, Fleetwood Mac-Everywhere,Carly Simon-Your So Vain, Toto-Africa,Coldplay-TheScientist, CLASSIC NUMBER ONE-David Cassidy-How Can I be Sure,Elvis-Suspicious Minds, Ken Dodd-Happiness.

Have a great weekend, Alan

***Please Note*** The links provided are for your convenience and are in no way connected with this blog. Through these links, this blog is not responsible for the content of these external internet sites.


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