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In Rambles on March 3, 2006 by alanswan

Well, how goes it. Ended up going out and having a great night with some friends last night. Got to bed in the wee hours but still managed to drag myself from the leaba and a perfect duvet to come in to work ;-) I’m glad I did, had so much fun doing the show today. Plus coffee tastes so much better when your wrecked……

On the show in no particular order, we spoke about the ‘Oddest Book Title of the Year Award’. In honor of this award we decided to ask listeners to write the opening line of there very own novel. You never know we could have unleashed a future Pulitzer writer! Got some great lines in, including some rather saucy opening lines that will have to, I’m afraid be censored ;-) Thanks for the texts and mails. Leave your own lines on the comments if you like.

Some examples from the show included “She stirred, and in her half asleep state her hand came 2 rest on the waxy coldskin of the dead stranger lying beside her…anne stapleton”

“The band were startin to get the crowd goin, he handed me the phone, “for u” he said, after that simple phone call, life would never b the same for any of us.. from Elaine”

“03/03/2006″,”11:24:14”,”He stood in the shaddow of the big chestnut tree watching her undress, his name was tom peepen tom “

Elsewhere Anthon McGrath joined me in studio to chat about a 24 hour busk that he and his band Wishbox were taking part in. All money from the busk will go to Refugee Trust International. Anthon is also travelling to Kenya to help over 30 street children from Nairobi. Will try and get a few pics of the busk on the blog next week. Fairplay Anthon!

Your A Star is also at the Semi Final stage and I spoke with Shane from duo act The Sullivan Brothers from Athy. Nice guy and I really hope that people vote for the best performer on the night and not the usual ‘sure lets vote for the county’ shite.

Music today from the show, which was all chosen by listeners included Artist/Song, Queen-Radio Ga Ga, Men at Work-Land down under,U2-All because of you,George Michael-Waiting for the day,Thin Lizzy-The boys are back,Simple Minds-Let there be love, Cara Dillion-Million Years, John Spillane-Were going sailing,CLASSIC NUMBER ONE Japan-I second that emotion,Diana Ross-Chain Reaction, Rob Thomas-Lonely no more,Tina Turner-Steamy Windows.

Have a nice weekend lads. Off to Belfast tommorow to collect a Irish language award for the station I work for. Its been about 3 years since I was last there and I can’t wait to go back, such a lovely city. Will take some pics and post them Monday. Until then see you soon.


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