About to move to the West Wing….

In Rambles on March 1, 2006 by alanswan

Well hello,

What a day, 101 things sorted and still a couple minutes to spare to write up todays blog and shownotes. Plus today I got to start watching the West Wing, now I’m already watching season 2 of Six Feet Under, new series of 24 plus Lost. Why do I do these things. You’d think I’d be happy with one TV show, NO I have to watch 4 all at once! Anyways watched 1st episode of West Wing, already hooked and I’ll go as far to say one of the best pilot/first episodes I’ve ever seen, really simple opening show but I feel as if I know the characters so well already, yes I’ve been sucked in. Damn.

Really enjoyed doing todays show, spoke about, in no particluar order – Companies ignoring work life balance, sounds very serious but not on this show, we tried to urge local bosses to let staff go home early today, email me if worked. Also on the show we discussed a dog who has helped an office in the Uk to quit smoking (and with Rupert as his name) and some survey about people telling lies in the office. The teaser repeated – What do the numbers 88, 69 and 11 have in common ANS. They all look the same upside down.

Also a bombshell was dropped on todays show, a work experience student working on the show told us she never knew Paula Abdul was a singer, she just thought she was an American Idol judge. She never heard the song Straight Up. Not her fault, she was born in the mid 80’s. It made me feel V-E-R-Y old. Again thanks for the texts and emails they make the show!

Music from todays show included. Artist – Song,  Supertramp – Dreamer, Tara Blaise – The Three Degrees, Charlotte Church – Moodswings, All Saints – Never ever, Paddy Casey – Saints and Sinners, Sugababes – Red Dress, Counting Crows – Big Yellow taxi, Kirsty McColl – Walking Down Madison, Gabrielle – Ten Years Time, Paula Abdul – Straight Up, Coldplay – Talk, Nik Kershaw – I won’t let the sun go down on me, Beautiful South – This Will be our year, Mary Black – Dont Say Ok, Don Mescall – Left in LA, CLASSIC NUMBER ONE – Gilbert O’Sullivan – Claire, Status Quo – Rockin All Over the World.

Ok, off now  – already dreaming of watching eps.2 of West Wing. Oh and if I get a chance later Oscar predictions.

Cya later – Alan

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