Monday, Monday, Podcasts and Eye Tests

In Rambles on February 27, 2006 by alanswan

Well, what a day! I think for the first time in the past few weeks, I actually completed a list of tasks that I set myself at the start of the day and got them finished! So between booking eye tests and listening to music I got lots of work done.

Now my show today was fairly strange, easygoing but at the same time busy! We discussed in no particular order some Irish dude trying to break some endurance record, how cravings are worse for smokers in the morning and gave some James Blunt DVD’s away. Got to play some nice new tunes today too. The pick of the bunch was Liverpool band ‘The Feeling’ with Sewn check this link out from MTV Online, We also mentioned my favourite food in the world ever Pancakes

So all in all a fairly productive Monday. Elsewhere, just heard the news that Ricky Gervais is going to now charge for his podcast rumoured to cost punters around 4 Pounds sterling! Will be interesting to see if many take him up on his offer. If alot do, it opens up so many doors for the whole medium. Still love checking out Adam Curry’s p-cast, and also the wonderful Fighting Talk on BBC 5 Live.

Harper Collins

Tommorow is Book Club Tuesday on my show where I’ll be chatting to Liz Fraser. According to publisher Harper Collins “Becoming a mother, however Yummy, is still as challenging as it ever was. RELAX: help is at hand, with this no-holds-barred guide to surviving the biggest transition of your life. Liz Fraser is a (mostly) stylish mother of three young children, and offers a much-needed, fresh look at what happens to us, our relationships and our wardrobes when we take the plunge and fill our tidy homes with Lego. Hilarious, honest and poignant, Liz uses her experiences of motherhood to help you through pregnancy and the first year with your baby, making the whole event seem manageable – even desirable. Along with stylish, practical advice and searingly frank entries from Liz’s diaries other new mums have their say, including well-known Yummy Mummies such as Jemima French and Tamara Mellon. This indispensable guide is the stylist, personal trainer, box of anti-depressants, bar of chocolate and best friend which every woman can carry around in her handbag. Because becoming a mother doesn’t mean you stop wanting to look and feel fabulous – it just becomes a little trickier”. The book is available from all good book stores.

We will also be following up a story from the Guardian newspaper about the thousands of different awareness days out there. We will be putting you to the test, which ones are real which ones are fake…..

For now I’m off to watch some Six Feet Under and load some podcasts on to my Zen, plus I’ll try and get through the never ending tower of cd’s on my desk. (yeah I know its a hard life!!)

Cya, Alan

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