And so it begins…..

In Rambles on February 23, 2006 by alanswan

Well hello and welcome to my new blog – My name is Alan and I’m a broadcaster/writer person from Ireland. I used to have an old radio show blog which I think is still available to view at but for some reason I really wanted to start a new blog afresh and thought wordpress was well impressive, so here we are! BTW the layout of word press is very clean and just a pleasure to use, so big thanks wordspress! I like very much!

With this blog I just want to jot down any ‘owl ramblings, films I’ve seen, some books I’ve checked out, music and podcasts that please the ear and so on plus I’ll hopefully keep in touch with lots of friends near and far. So drop me an email if you’ve just popped by its

Actually I have loads of new music stuff I want to share with you over the next few days and I’ll endevour to get started tommorow. The again…. maybe saturday or maybe….. long weekend….Monday! Old blog habits die hard

Cya Alan

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