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So easy to viral music

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It’s become so easy to share music, take for instance this new song from Rob Thomas (Nice song actually). I’m able to update my own blog posting this song direct from his webapge. Really nice page and so easy to share and spread this song


What’s in the box?

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Since moving to i105107 it’s been a busy few months and I have somewhat neglected the blog and my usual nightime, big mug of coffee web thrawls for great talks, thoughts and creative “things” that helps my own head come up with ideas…

Thought I’d share this amazing talk I came across a few months ago by JJ Abrams (he of Lost, Alias, Star Trek etc). It’s just a joy to watch somebody who is having so much fun with their job….

I watched this again just the other day and thought “What if this guy was talking about radio?”

What would be in that box?


I have moved…..kind of…

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Well after nearly 2 years I’ve moved from i102104 to our new sister station i105107. Based in Athlone the station covers the Midlands and North East of the country… email stays the same but the new address for contact is iRadio – i105107, Block C, Monksland Business Park, Athlone.

Thank you to all the team in i102104 – it was some craic. Some highlights below…….

A bus with naked people…

Fergal and Pete attacking Patrick Kielty on stage….

The show that made me sweat every Friday between 4 and 7

The new stations site can be found at


And I’m back in the room

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This is the latest BBC Radio 2 Trail which was released about 2 weeks ago. It is without doubt the best trail I have ever seen for a radio station.

It sums up exactly what radio is all about….

As they say…. Simplicity is genius

* I also noticed just after publishing this that it is exactly a year ago when I last posted on this blog…. Jesus… and what a year it was too.



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i created by you

Keep an eye out for

Our blog launches the 10th of October…….

i102-104 On Air, On-Line Coming Soon


I like…

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Nice to see Travis going back to basics…. sounds good… i like

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